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Aniket Malvankar 10Aniket Malvankar 10 

General Question on salesforce career path.

Hello All,

I am from .Net background and have work on windows and web application, also web services. 9 + years in microsoft technology.
I find salesforce interesting and would like to start working with same.
Can anyone let me know , how feasible for me to work on salesforce and careers wise?

I have a plan for  Dev 1 certification.

You have a long technical background on web technologies and development. It is perfect if you want to become a Salesforce developer, as it is preferable to know web technologies (html, javascript...) for developing Visualforce pages and lightning components.
On the server side, it is quite different from Microsoft technologies. The language is different (you will have to learn Apex, better if you already know java), and the way to code is different too; it is a multi tenant platform, you are not alone, and to maintain good performance, Salesforce has put in place limits to ensure you don't use them all. The Dev1 certification is perfect for a start, I would suggest that you do some Trailhead badges too.
Aniket Malvankar 10Aniket Malvankar 10
thank you.