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Chad JoubertChad Joubert 

Get all ContentDocuments for a given Entity through SOQL

I am looking to get several fields from the ContentDocuments object given an entity Id for the ContentDocuemntLink.  The SOQLthat I am trying is: Select Title, ContentModifiedDate, ContentSize from ContentDocument 
where Id IN (SELECT ContentDocumentId FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE LinkedEntityId = '00655000007PiSd') but I get the error:

(SELECT ContentDocumentId FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE LinkedEntityId
ERROR at Row:2:Column:44
Entity 'ContentDocumentLink' is not supported for semi join inner selects

I need this in SOQL because the call is coming from a .Net program.  I can accomplish this will a second call but would like to be able to get the list in one call.
You could start from the child relationship :
SELECT ContentDocumentId,ContentDocument.Title, ContentDocument.ContentModifiedDate, ContentDocument.ContentSize FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE LinkedEntityId = '00655000007PiSd'