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Tom ComberTom Comber 

error message request assistance

I am stuck trying to figure out this error message, ("Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Google Info' custom button was not found. Make sure that it is a Detail Page Button (not link) and that its added to the page layout. If you are still having problems, ensure that you are NOT using Record types for the Contact object. This challenge will not work with Record types so you will need to sign up for a new DE org and use that instead for this module).
( i  thought I saved a custom button, however when I tried to add it to contact page layout, i could not find this button, it saved under link. this is the error message, I am trying to understand the correct course of action "create a new instance" ? if I do this will my old tests and badges be remembered/transfered over? or will I lose them and have to redo it all from the beginning? I created a custom button, checked syntax, ok, saved, ok, when I try to add button it seems that this button saved as a"link" "button not found" even though I created this in button mode! I dont know what I did wrong or what step to take to fix the problem, please help. Question as follows: To pass this challenge, create a custom button which opens a link to '{!Contact.Name}' - where {!Contact.Name} is the current contact's name. Then add this button to the default 'Contact Layout'.
The custom button must be named 'Google Info'.
The custom button must dynamically insert the contact's name using the appropriate merge field.
The custom button must be added to the 'Contact Layout' page layout.
This is the coding I used in button creation:{!Contact.Name} "insert field set" or{!Contact.Id} deeper explanation of error message please. Last Q for now, is there a phone umber I can call instead of this form or in addition perhaps? 
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Tom,

NOTE :- you  need to make Google info as a button, not link.

Please check below post with step by step process with screen shot

To clear this challenge you need do below steps:-

Step 1 :- Create a Button on contact object like below 
Step 2 :- Link detail should be like below.

Name :- Google_Info
Button or Link URL :-{!Contact.Name}
Display Type :- Detail Page Button

Step 3 :- Add the button on contact page layout. Please select "Contact Layout"
Step 4 :- Then click on Edit and add button on page.
Step 5 : - Save.

Please check below post for screen shot.

Kindly mark this post as solved if it helps.

Best Regards,
Josué PeixotoJosué Peixoto
And have sure that add in the layout page