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Cheerag VijayaCheerag Vijaya 

Triggers for Cloning

Hi I need to write a trigger to clone to create an other account with the same existing account details - it's corresponding contact, opportunity, activity details like creating duplicates(or replica)
UC InnovationUC Innovation
Can you explain a little more about what you want to achieve. Just to get a better understanding. Also provide examples?
Cheerag VijayaCheerag Vijaya
I need to create a button in vf page through apex code so that all the details of account and its - contact, opportunity , activity details are replicated - so that an other account gets created with the same account, contact , opportunity , activity details.
For ex., I create an account and contacts and opportunity and activity for that account . By clicking a button  on vf page called - 'Clone' an other account should get created with the same contact, opp., activities. - 'A button for Replication'. It should be done clone method.