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Kelly RoseKelly Rose 

Help with Test Class for Deployment

I am trying to deploy an new trigger, but there is a test class that is causing APEX errors. I am not the one who wrote the test class, and only loosley familiar with apex. I want to be able to get my deployment to validate, but don't know how to fix the test class. I even tried to simply set the trigger to inactive, but it still won't pass the validate in the deploy stage. 

I'm thinking I should:
De-activate Trigger in Production
Update Test Classes in a Sadbox Deployment
Deploy new trigger in production

any insight?
Keyur  ModiKeyur Modi
Hi Kelly,

you have to update test class that is the only way you can deploy that trigger.

Keyur Modi
buggs sfdcbuggs sfdc
hi kelly

When you are trying to validate,please try to run that particular triggers test class and validate it,may be you are seeing the error when you are trying to run the default tests,so select an option individual tests.

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