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Nick KeehanNick Keehan 

Visualforce - Google Maps multiple geolocations

Hi Guys.

Struggling to find a code that will work, i have an object called "Sales_Visits__c" and i would like to set some criteria to show all Sales_Visits in the past 30 days on a map. On the sales visit record is a geolocation.

I can add a map to the record layout however this will only show the single address not multiple on a criteria.

Any thoughts on how i would do this?

Keyur  ModiKeyur Modi
Hi Nick, 

can you please share detail of your object structure , and on which object you want to show map , if you are showing map on one record(rec1) then , app records which you will show in map have relation with that record(rec1) . please explain it detail. 

Keyur Modi