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Sunil Damle 7Sunil Damle 7 

sforce.one.navigateToURL('/recordId?nooverride=1') after winter 17 release

We have overwritten the "View" action on the object and are using sforce.one.navigateToURL('/recordId?nooverride=1')  method with "nooverwrite" set to '1' for certain record type to go to standard page. This works will till winter 17 release came to the sandbox.

After the winter 17 release, our view action is going into Continuous loop and standard view page is not loading. Navigate to custom page for record type 'A' works fine.

Amny idea?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Sunil,

As this is already resolved here in the below post

Kindly close this thread by marking it as solved,so that experts from the community will be able to answer other posts who are really in need.

Best Regards,
Satyajeet Maharana 1Satyajeet Maharana 1
Hi Nagendra,

We are also facing the same issue. This works fine in Summer'16 but the same code doesn't work in Winter ' 17. I am unable to access the link you have posted here - https://na43.salesforce.com/chatteranswers/ChatterAnswersQuestionSingleItem.apexp?id=906F0000000g32i. Could you please give the solution( or code) here? Thank you.

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Satyajeet,

Please check with the below code:
if (c.recordtypeid == recordTypeId[0].id) {
            newPage = Page.CustomVFPage;
        } else {
            newPage = new PageReference('/' + c.id +  '?nooverride=1');
            newPage.getParameters().put('nooverride', '1');

Please mark this as solved if it's resolved.

Best Regards,
Sunil Damle 7Sunil Damle 7
It seems, nooverride will not be supported in Salesforce lightning after winter 17 release.

So, I am planning below alternative -
1. Create a formula field to navigate to apex page
2. We already have two different views for each record type
3. View 1 - This view would not have standard name field displayed. Instead, I will have custom formula field(created in step 1) displayed there with label as Name. So when user click on Name from this view, they would be navigated to custom page. 
View 2 - Would have standard name field that would navigate to Standard layout
Note - Only limiation for this workaround is navigation from Account or mobile. For Mobile, this solution works perfect if the Formula field is set as no#1 field in the view.
Even to cover this, I have placed the custom visualforce section in the standard layout so that user has way to navigate to edit record(which is very different from standard edit layout).