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Update OPP Product field through cross object formula

Hi Guys please help me!

I have a custom picklist field in PRODUCT OBJECT. Which I want to show in my OPPORTUNITY PRODUCT OBJECT.

I tried cross object formula - TEXT(field.name) but its not working nor the workflow rule.

I dont want to use any code or trigger plz help me through formula. Please help me guys i really need help!!
Keyur  ModiKeyur Modi
Hi Mac, 

as per my unserstanding you have one piclist field (product family) which you want to show on Opportunity Product(opportunity line Item ) if yes then you can do that through formula field. you need to write formula field like mentioned below
TEXT(PricebookEntry.Product2.Family)   // here I am getting family picklist value on opporutnity Product

here you have to write formula on opportunity product object and you need to pass your custom picklist value in place of family picklist value. 


Please check and let me know.

Keyur Modi
Lucas Duque 9Lucas Duque 9
Hello Mac, 
Try to do this ...

1º In your "OPPORTUNITY PRODUCT OBJECT", create a field of formula of type Text with name you want. So write the follow in formula editor:

User-added image
Obs: But replace the fields in function for their. I think that in your case would look like this:
HYPERLINK(Product__r.Opportunity_Product__r.Id, //Coment - It is to create a link for take you to the register.

This will have the following result
User-added image

I hope I helped you ! 

Good work for you !!!

Mac SwiftMac Swift
Thank you guys for the reply! but nothing worked :(

I have one ITEM Category Custom Picklist on PRODUCT OBJECT.

Which I want in my OPP PRODUCT OBJECT. I tried custome formula text field on




 IF( ISPICKVAL( Product_Group__r.Product__r.Item_Type__c , 'Black') , 'Black',
IF( ISPICKVAL( Product_Group__r.Product__r.Item_Type__c , 'White') , 'White',''))



Please guys help me!
UC InnovationUC Innovation
Hi Mac,

I'm guessing OPP PRODUCT looks up to PRODUCT. You should just need a text formula field on OPP PRODUCT.


Let me know if it works!