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Is there a workaround to track baounced emails that were sent from a WorkFlow to an invalid Email Address?


 Q) SInce the KB article below indicates that  setting the Email Bounce Back feature will not work on workflows   and that there is no way to track email alerts that are sent to an invalid email address from a work flow does anyone know of an alternative or workaround to solve this problem?  See the KB article here:

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Tonante,

Goto Setup-> Email Administration-> Deliverability.  Here you will get the options..

How Do I Configure Email Deliverability Settings For My Organization?

Deliverability Settings:
To improve the deliverability of email you send from AdvologixMM Salesforce, configure your organization's email deliverability settings. Email deliverability is the likelihood of a company’s or individual’s email to reach its intended recipient. This likelihood is adversely affected by:

Bounced email :
Email that is addressed to an invalid recipient and returned to the sender. If a sender sends several email messages that bounce, the email server might slow or block the delivery of all email from that sender.

Noncompliant email :
Email that does not comply with a recipient's email security framework, such as the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which verifies that the From address in an email message is not forged.
User-added image Select the Activate bounce management check-box to help ensure that the email addresses you have for your contacts, leads, and person accounts are correct, and that the email your users send to those addresses is not impeded due to excessive email bounces.When bounce management is activated and a user sends an email to a contact, lead, or person account with an invalid email address, Salesforce displays an alert next to that email address, and prevents users from sending email to that address until the address is updated or confirmed. Also, the email bounces to Salesforce instead of the sender's personal email account.

Tip: Use the Bounced Contacts and Bounced Leads standard reports to view a list of email addresses that have bounced email. The report includes the reason the email was bounced, the date the bounce occurred, and the contact, lead, or person account that bounced the email.

Select the Show bounce alert next to all instances of the email address check box to configure Salesforce to search all lead, contact, and person account records for instances of any email address that bounces an email, and to display a bounce alert next to each instance. If you do not select this option, Salesforce only displays the bounce alert on the record from which the email was originally sent.

Select the Return bounced email to sender checkbox to configure Salesforce to send a copy of the bounced email header to the sender. If you do not select this option, only Salesforce receives the bounced email header. In either case, Salesforce does not return the body of the bounced email to the sender for security purposes.

This option applies to all users in your organization and cannot be enabled per user or per email.

Select the Enable compliance with standard email security mechanisms check box to automatically modify the envelope From address of every email you send from Salesforce to comply with email security frameworks that your recipients might implement, such as SPF. Many recipient email systems enforce SPF to verify if an email is legitimate. SPF checks the envelope From address of an inbound email to verify if the email is legitimate. If this feature is enabled, Salesforce modifies the envelope From address to a email address to verify the legitimacy of the sender.

The header From address remains set to the sender's email address.
Select the Enable Sender ID compliance checkbox to comply with the Sender ID framework. This will automatically populate the Sender field in the envelope of every email you send from Salesforce with

This enables receiving mail servers using the Sender ID email authentication protocol to verify the sender of an email by examining the Sender and From headers of an inbound email through a DNS lookup. All replies will still be delivered to the sender's email address. If you do not select this checkbox, the Sender field is set to null and email delivery fails when a recipient email system performs a Sender ID check.

Click Save.

For additional information check this knowledge article

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Best Regards,
Thanks Nagendra, I might be misunderstanding something but I believe that one of the last links you gave me to look at was the one I just posted in my question and that link really sums it up - all of the compliance info dealt with users sening email out to an invalid user not an email alert being sent from a work flow. So I spoke briefly with Tech support and the tech said that they are working on this issue in order to resolve Workflows being able to handle bounce back because as of now you can only create reports off of contacts and leads based on when a user sends out mail to a contact and it gets bounce back. I think there is a link fro the Ideas site which is being voted on which will help immensely if they get enough votes (Maybe this is what the tech was refering to?):
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Tonante,

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Best Regards,
Ok, I did make a call into Help Desk and they told me that there is supposed to be an upcoming fix for this. I know there is an idea in the Success community to have this functionlaity but the number of voites has not yet been reached. Thankfully the idea is still open..