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Matt SimonisMatt Simonis 

Tooling API Slowness on OS X


I have noticed recently (in the past week or so) that save times on Apex classes using the tooling API have been extremely slow (talking about usually it's max of 10 seconds, now it's anywhere from 30 seconds to 8 minutes). I usually use IntelliJ and IlluminatedCloud, but also tested using Eclipse and the Force.com IDE and experienced the same slow save times.

I did some investigation with other co-workers and it appears to be only on OS X 10.11.6 with the latest 2016-001 El Capitan security update installed. I tested on a machine without that update, to the same org, and the save times were 10 seconds. On my machine, with the update, it was 35 seconds. Co-workers using a windows machine also had ~10 second save times to the same org.

Is anyone else experiencing this slowness? The pod our Trialforce orgs have been spinning up on is NA35. I haven't seen any reports on trust or anywhere else around.

Matt Simonis
Nick  SnyderNick Snyder
Hey Matt,

I too have been running into this issue in our sandboxes using both Illuminated Cloud and the Force.com IDE with Eclipse. It hasn't occurred to me that it could be related to the latest OS X updates, though I would guess that could be why some of my coworkers weren't experiencing this until a few days after it started for me.

I've not come up with a working solution as the severity of the slowdowns tends to vary based on the time of day, position of the moon and stars, and whether I have a tinfoil hat on or not.

Nick Snyder
Craig CeremugaCraig Ceremuga
This has been a frustration for me lately as well. If anyone has any ideas it would be very much appreciated!
3 Creeks3 Creeks
I do not believe the issue has anything to do with the IDE or OS X.  The issue is with NA35.  I have a dev environment on it too and it is extremely frustrating developing on it.  Through out most of the day trying to perform a save from the IDE times-out 4 out of 5 times.  I have dev envs on other instances and they are not experiencing any problems.  

I submitted a support case about the poor performance of NA35 and because I am not a premier customer or partner I was told that I do not get development support!   It is laughable that Salesforce considers an obviously overloaded and under performing piece of their infrastructure my development issue!

The only suggestion that support gave me was to post here and that maybe someone from Salesforce may pick up on it.  I would say the chance of that is slim to none...