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What are the governor limits that one can face ?

Give me some scenarios where one can hit the governor limits ? 

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Here's some documentation on governor limits:


I would say the most common governor limit issue I see on these forums is putting queries inside loops. Like so:
for (contact c: trigger.new)
	account a = [SELECT id FROM Account WHERE id =: c.account LIMIT 1];
Another common mistake I see is putting DML statements in loops. Like so:
for (contact c: listOfContacts)
	update c;
This is the kind of code you really want to stay away from. Calling any DML (Insert, Update, Delete, Undelete) or query [SELECT ...] inside loops will often cause governor limits to hit.

For more info please refer to the documentation.

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If possible can you share any of the scenario where you have face the governor limit while developing application ?