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Sunil Damle 7Sunil Damle 7 

nooverride parameter behavior in Lightning post Winter 17 release

We have overriden the Standard 'view' action on the Opportunity Object.

We have two different Record types - Type A and Type B. 

Type A - navigates to Custom visualforce page
Type B - Navigates to Standard page.

To achieve this we have used "Nooverride" parameter. See code below.

Post Winter 17 release in the sandbox, the application doesnt respect the "nooverride' paramter and the view action is going into infinite loop in Salesforce lightning app. 

Let me know if you have faced similar issue and any workaround that worked for you.

if (c.recordtypeid == recordTypeId[0].id) {
            newPage = Page.CustomVFPage;
        } else {
            newPage = new PageReference('/' + c.id +  '?nooverride=1');
            newPage.getParameters().put('nooverride', '1');
Bert Van HoveBert Van Hove
Hi, currently I'm in the same boat.
How did u manage to solve this?