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kanchan tyagi 2kanchan tyagi 2 

test class of count no of conatct trigger

trigger contactCounttriger on Contact (After insert, After Delete, After Undelete,after update) { Set<id> setAccountId=new Set<id>(); if(Trigger.isInsert || Trigger.isUndelete || Trigger.isUpdate){ for(Contact con:Trigger.New){ setAccountId.add(con.AccountId); } } if(Trigger.IsDelete){ for(Contact con:Trigger.old){ setAccountId.add(con.AccountId); } } List<Account> listAcc=[select id,no_of_contacts__c,(Select id from Contacts)from Account where id in:setAccountId]; for(Account acc:listAcc){ acc.no_of_contacts__c=acc.contacts.size(); } update listAcc; }
Dhanya NDhanya N
Hi Kanchan,

Please check below test class
private class contactCount_Test {
    @isTest static void test_contactCount() {
        Account objAccount = new Account(Name = 'Test');
        insert objAccount;
        Account objAccount1 = new Account(Name = 'Test 1');
        insert objAccount1;
        Contact objContact = new Contact(LastName = 'Test Contact', AccountId = objAccount.Id);
        insert objContact;
        Contact objContact1 = new Contact(LastName = 'Test Contact 1', AccountId = objAccount.Id);
        insert objContact1;
        System.assertEquals(2, [Select Number_of_Contacts__c From Account Where Id =: objAccount.Id].Number_of_Contacts__c );
        objContact1.AccountId = objAccount1.Id;
        update objContact1;
        System.assertEquals(1, [Select Number_of_Contacts__c From Account Where Id =: objAccount1.Id].Number_of_Contacts__c );
        delete objContact1;
        System.assertEquals(0, [Select Number_of_Contacts__c From Account Where Id =: objAccount1.Id].Number_of_Contacts__c );

anuj huriaanuj huria
Hi kanchan,refer this code
public class nocTest{
 public static testmethod void count()
     list<account> acc=new list<account>();
     acc.add(new account(Name='anuj'));
     acc.add(new account(Name='kanchan'));
     Insert acc;
    list<Contact> con=new list<Contact>();
     con.add(new Contact(lastName='anuj', accountid=acc[0].id));
     con.add(new Contact(lastName='kanchan', accountid=acc[0].id));
     insert con;
     update con;
 delete con[1];


mark it solved so that other can take benifit from this