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jackie rodwelljackie rodwell 

SSO setup for Salesforce as Identity provider and Biller Direct (SAP) as Service Provider

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup SSO between Salesforce (Identity Provider) and Biller Direct ( Service Provider). I have setup Salesforce as Identity provider and got a new domain registered as well. I downloaded the SAML.xml from Salesforce and sent it to SAP team. They sent me a metadata.xml file to upload to Salesforce.

Can anyone provide some info on how to proceed with completing the SSO setup after Salesforce as Identity provider. I am not familiar with what needs to be done with the metadata.xml file sent by the Service provider.

Thanks for your help.
Sahil Bansal 7Sahil Bansal 7
Hi Jackie,

Now you need to set up a Connected App in salesforce related to "Biller Direct" metadata.

As an example, refer section "Defining a Service Provider" in Example using IdPs and SPs (http://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=identity_provider_examples.htm&language=en_US)