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Deepak Pandey 13Deepak Pandey 13 

System.SerializationException: Not Serializable: com/salesforce/api/fast/List$$lcom/salesforce/api/Messaging/SingleEmailMessage$$r

public class spltedinputemail 
  public List<string> splitString {get;set;}
  public Backup__c back{get;set;}
    public spltedinputemail(ApexPages.StandardController controller) 
       controller.addFields(new List<string>{'splitemail__c'});
       this.back= (Backup__c)controller.getRecord();
        splitString = new List<string>();

            splitString = back.splitemail__c.split(';');
       system.debug('!!!!splitString' +splitString );

  List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage> mails = new List<Messaging.SingleEmailMessage>();
  public pagereference splitemail()
  if(splitString != null)
   Messaging.SingleEmailMessage mail = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
   List<String> sendTo = new List<String>();
    sendTo.add('splitString ');
      mail.setSenderDisplayName('CCC Infotech');
     List<String> ccTo = new List<String>();
      ccTo.add('splitString ');
      mail.setSubject('URGENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL');
      String body = 'Dear '  + ', ';
      body += 'I confess this will come as a surprise to you.';
      body += 'I am John Alliston CEO of the Bank of Nigeria.';
      body += 'I write to request your cooperation in this ';
      body += 'urgent matter as I need a foreign partner ';
      body += 'in the assistance of transferring $47,110,000 ';
      body += 'to a US bank account. Please respond with ';
      body += 'your bank account # so I may deposit these funds.';
  return page.spltsendingmail;

what is the problem?
Karol MacakKarol Macak

od you remember where was the problem? I am now facing the same problem, which I cant understand.