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Rohit R 5Rohit R 5 

Refreshing the Sandbox users data from Production.

Hi All,

When i refresh my Sandbox the users data would be lost and new users would be loaded from Production so i took a backup of sandbox users and i uploaded them to sandbox again after refresh activity. But this is a manual and time taking activity to add Users and related Permission Sets, Public Groups, Queues, etc. So please suggest best approach to automate this process using Code or any other alternative approach. 

Thanks in Advance..
Hi Rohit,

You can create those users in Production as Inactive user so they wont count against Salesforce license count.Then after each refresh you have to just activate in sandbox.thats it.  
Rohit R 5Rohit R 5
Thanks Muba for the response, this doesnt include the Public gropus, permission sets and queues and we have to dp this manually, so there is any way to automate this process.