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Raman JhaRaman Jha 

what is OWD ?

Please explain with example.
Ashok dharaAshok dhara

       OWD:organization wide default settings.

This can be used to give permissions to the organization wide and it can be used for restrict the access, we can controll the record level access .

OWD: Private,Public Read, Public Read/Write, Public read/Write/Transfer (Lead & Case), Public Full Access (Campaign Object only)
JyothsnaJyothsna (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Raman,

OWD is the default access level on records for any object in the sales force.
For custom objects, we can see below access levels -
Public Read-only
Public Read/Write

By default after creating custom object OWD access level is Public Read/Write.

Private: only owner and above hierarchy users can have Read/Write access and below hierarchy users don't have any access.
Public Read-only: only owner and above hierarchy users can have Read/Write access and below hierarchy users can have only Read-Only access.
Public Read/Write: Irrespective of role hierarchy every one can have Read/Write permissions on the records.

Please check the below link for detail explanation of OWD.


Hope this helps you!
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DeepthiDeepthi (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Raman,

Your organization-wide default sharing settings give you a baseline level of access for each object and enable you to extend that level of access using hierarchies or sharing rules. 
It is a feature to restrict access (visibility) to records of data.

OWD access level actions:
Public Full access:
This option is available for setting the Campaign object only along with other access options. Through public access the user can have the ability to search records, reports, add related records, edit details of the records and can delete the record.
When the Campaign object is set to public full access, all users in that organization can be able to view, edit, transfer and delete.

Public Read/Write/Transfer:
This option is available for Leads and Cases objects only along with other access options. When lead or case objects are set to public read/write/transfer, then all users can view,edit, transfer and report on all the case and lead records.

Public Read/Write:
Whenever a record is set to public read/write the user can view, edit and report on all the records.

Public Read only:
When a record is set to public read-only the user can search the records, view and report on every record but the user cannot edit that record. Only record owners and assigned users can edit that records.

Whena record is set to private only that record owner and users above that role in an hierarchy can view, edit and report on those records.

Also, refer the below links:



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Ankush DurejaAnkush Dureja
Organization Wide Defaults(OWD) in salesforce is the baseline level of access that the most restricted user should have. Organizational Wide Defaults are used to restrict access. You grant access through other means like(sharing rules, Role Hierarchy, Sales Teams and Account teams, manual sharing, Apex Sharing ). In simple words Organization Wide Defaults(OWD) specify the default level of access users have to each other’s records.
Hanil KathuriaHanil Kathuria
Can only admin edit the OWD settings?  Can the user edit the OWD settings for their own records?
Sangeeta Patra 11Sangeeta Patra 11
Hi Hanil,

The users who have "Manage Sharing" = checked in their profiles, can edit the OWD settings.
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ward roseward rose
Is this correct information about OWD???
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Salesforce TechieSalesforce Techie
refer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJh4MTMvEXQ
divine handdivine hand
Hi Raman,

Below Link to the Official OWD  help.

SS of   OWD settings Page

Hope this helps you!
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