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Differnce between salesforce record URL and Service console record URL

Could anybody let me know the Differnce between salesforce record URLand Service console record URL. And how can we get the service console record URL dynamically to use in formula filed and that URL should work in production as well.

Any Suggestion welcome.
Thanks In Advance.
Shobit GuptaShobit Gupta
The standard salesforce URL contains the instance name (e.g. na2 or ap1) and the record ID (15 digit unique ID provided by salesforce) in the end whereas the console URL contains the instance. The format is (your instance).salesforce.com/console/. 

You need to use the Salesforce Console Integration Toolkit to get programmatic access to the Salesforce console so that you can extend it to meet your business needs. It contains javascript based functions to make modifications in the console.