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Rakesh S 27Rakesh S 27 

Data Archival and Retrieval

I have an issue with "Exceeded Data Storage" limit in one of my Salesforce Orgs.

Possible Solutions:
  1. Buy additional data storage space from Salesforce.
  2. Delete the unwanted data and archive the remaining data on a periodic basis on business needs in an External Database.
  3. Provision to access the archived data from Salesforce whenever I want to. This retrieval of data is just display of data in Salesforce
My questions:
  1. There has to be code written in Salesforce for pushing data from Salesforce to External Database during archival, but do we have to write code at the database level as well to store and retrieve data?
  2. If the answer is "No" can you suggest some affordable cloud database options where this operation can be done seamlessly?
Mina Michel GorgyMina Michel Gorgy
Hi Rakesh,

For Questions 1: No, you will not write code to retrieve the external data... Check this https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=external_object_define.htm

For your second Question: I'm not sure, but you can probably check azure. And that's a link that shows the following steps:

Let me know if I can help further and do not forget to mark this as the correct answer if it fits your needs.
Rakesh S 27Rakesh S 27
This link explains aout external objects, which is available for a price. I am referring to an external database, say for eg. Amozon S3 or any other cloud database.

If I am buying these databases there would be no need of Salesforce connect (I assume), so in that case do I need to write code on the database for the storing and retrieval activity?
Hitesh KapurHitesh Kapur

Did you manage to find an answer to the questions ? If yes can you share your experience.