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Tolga SunarTolga Sunar 

sforce.console.RefreshTabById is not refreshing feed publisher

I have developed a VF form and put it in a quick action & assigned it to case page layout. I am refreshing the current case tab by using console integration toolkit at submit button's oncomplete event (note that I have 30 of this command because I was unable to obtain enclosing tab id from inside quick action VF, so I refresh all open tabs)
var primaryTabId_0 = 'scc-pt-0';
            sforce.console.refreshPrimaryTabById(primaryTabId_0, true);
The problem is; console components of page layout and detail view of record refreshes successfully, but the feed actions remain unrefreshed. This VF form links an account to the case, and I cannot see this account prepopulated in one of "update case" quick actions, in the account lookup field. When I manually refresh the page or tab, this field is prepopulated.

Has this issue acknowledged as a bug yet, or is there any other code I can add that will allow me to refresh the feed view as well?

Randy RegberRandy Regber
Hi Tolgar, have you found a solution yet?