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Half Data provided by Salesforce

Hello Everyone,

It's very urgent. Okay so we tried to copy all feedpost and feedcomment into our new custom object, first we exported feedcomment data through Data loader and then we imported this to our new custom object but by mistakenly, we updated our existing feed comments too. Which is okay but later we noticed most of the existing feedcomments became half. We checked our feedcomment excel file but over there also comments were not full. Most of the comments were half. We thought may be, we didn't take the back up properly, so we checked our  weekly Salesforce back up (Which is provided by Salesforce) and over there also feedcomments were half. Anyone knows why this happened. It seems like Salesforce doesn't provide full data. I have already raised a case with Salesforce and now they are investigating the issue but I want to know Does anyone  of you guys faced the same problem? and if yes then how you resolved it. Any help is going to be appreciated. Thank you so much. 

James LoghryJames Loghry
Check the success and error files that data loader generates.  They'll be in the directory you specify before you start the data load.  My guess is you have several errors in there.  Did you map the id fields correctly so that the feed comments are linked to the correct feed posts / feed items?  If not, you'll need to do that before the data load.
thanks @James: The problem is in the excel file itself. Most of the comments were half. We checked our weekly backup files, which was provided by salesforce even there also data were not full. So it is not an issue with maping. The excel file itself is wrong. We had a dicussion with Salesforce, so now they are also trying to figure it out why data is not full or you can say trucated.
for example: like this statment : Check the success and error files that data loader generates. They'll be in the directory you specify before you"
The excel file which was provided by salesforce (Backup) has  trucated statement like this : "Check the success and error files that" instead of full statement.