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Salesforce to MicroSoft Word (for Mac) Documents (via Conga Composer) & Conditional Merge Fields


We use MicroSoft Word documents for our Sales Agreement Templates, which are held in our Conga Repository.

We have a field in our Salesforce Opportunities, "Discount," that we want to be only visible on the completed and merged Templates if there is a value in the field. In other words, if the client is not receiving a discount, we don't want the discount field on the Sales Agreement.

I'm having a difficult time understanding how "IF" statements and Merge fields that can work in our implementation. I've attached a screenshot of the Discount Field(s) in question from our Sales Agreement template.

Does anyone know the appropriate construction of a conditional "IF" merge field with regard to what we have?

Highlighted in blue below with the field codes toggled is the Discount field as it appears now:

User-added image
I appreciate any guidance on this!

Best wishes,
Hi Julion,

Try this one
{ IF {MERGEFIELD Discount__c}<>"" "
Discount: {MERGEFIELD Discount__c \*MERGEFORMAT}" "" }