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Harsh DodiyaHarsh Dodiya 

Workflow : Field Update, First Date/Time Update


I wants to have one custom field Suppose Test__data__c. Now New record is created and on updation I want this field to save the data.
1. If first update has been done within 1minute of record creation then Test__data__c=null
2. If first update done after 1 minute, then Test__data__c = Last Modified Date
3. If second update happens don't save it, Test__data__c must show first updates time.

I created Custom field, Created workflow with field update. I am able to save first update (If record updated after 1minute) but In my case if update happens second time the field is getting new updated time..

Can some one help me here 

You can add one more conditio  checking Createddate==last modifieddate. This will help to identify if record was modified before or not.

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Harsh DodiyaHarsh Dodiya


Thank you, but I got the answer other way. In your solution issue will be if Update has been take in 30seconds date won't be same.