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Bug using Crypto ans system.runAs() in a test?

I posted this a week or two ago and got no response so posting again in case anyone has any insight or maybe someone from Salesforce can take a look:

I am encrypting and decrypting a string and using a portion of the current user's Id as the seed:
public static String encrypt(String s) {
   system.debug( 'In encrypt, user id = ' + UserInfo.getUserId() );
    blob eKey = Blob.valueOf(  String.valueOf(UserInfo.getUserId()).left(16) );
    return EncodingUtil.base64Encode( Crypto.encrypt('AES128', eKey, eKey, blob.valueof(s)) );
public static String decrypt(String s) {
   system.debug( 'In decrypt, user id = ' + UserInfo.getUserId() );
    blob eKey = Blob.valueOf(  String.valueOf(UserInfo.getUserId()).left(16) );
    return Crypto.decrypt('AES128', eKey, eKey, EncodingUtil.base64decode(s)).toString();
Then I have a test that will call these methods as two different users:
static testMethod void myTest() {
   String s1 = 'important Information';
   String s1Encrypt = encrypt( s1 );
   String s1Decrypt = decrypt( s1Encrypt );
   system.runAs( TestDataFactory.aDifferentUser()  ) {
      String s2 = 'more important Information';
      String s2Encrypt = encrypt( s2 );
      String s2Decrypt = decrypt( s2Encrypt );

And gives me this output:
DEBUG|In encrypt, user id = 00536000000g6InAAI
DEBUG|In decrypt, user id = 00536000000g6InAAI

DEBUG|In encrypt, user id = 00536000001sJvCAAU
DEBUG|In decrypt, user id = 00536000001sJvCAAU

But also errors out with "System.SecurityException: Given final block not properly padded" on line 9 in the middle box: String s2Decrypt = decrypt( s2Encrypt )  which usually means that the seed used to encrypt and decrypt where not the same key.   From the debug statement, it looks like they are so I am wondering if something is not respecting the user id given by system.runAs().

For the now I got around the issue by adding an if statement that looks at Test.isRunningTest() and if so just uses a static string as the key, but I would like to see if anyone has seen this before.