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Jim Wright 4Jim Wright 4 

Is it just me? Very unreliable recently.

Hello, it pains me to say this, but I think that despite being initially impressed and investing time/effort in learning SalesForce, I'm going to have to cut my losses and stop developing for it.  Honestly the community and momentum that it seems to have are awesome, but...

I have been working on a simple Lightning component, as I learnt the ropes, but the past week has been awful.  The code doesn't run consistently (yes I realise that could be my code's fault, but...) even the developer console won't load.  The inconsistent running of my code is impenetrable because there are no errors, it just, does nothing.

I suspect I could plow on, do what I've read like create a NEW developers account/setup, but I'm so loathed to do that, especially if the problem will just repeat.

Is it just me?  Is everybody else just dealing with stuff like this?

I don't mean to be negative and I would love to keep going with SF, if it were possible....
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Trust on salesforce. You will learn salesforce very soon. You can check trailhead to learn salesforce.

Please check below post for book link. Please download and read
1) http://amitsalesforce.blogspot.in/search/label/Book

Please post your code and issue which you are facing. We will more then happy to help you.

Vivek DVivek D
Hi Jim,
I guess you are facing this kind of issue because of developer console in this particular case.
Normal Visualforce page and apex class code we can do using eclipse or sublime (Mavensmate) where such kind of issues will not happen.
Lighting components are new and the support for eclipse is still not available and there will be enhancements for developer console per release based on user experience. Salesforce is pretty smart in that way.
You can try https://github.com/dcarroll/sublime-lightning plugin for Lighting Component design.
You could always deal with SalesForce configuration or administration type work, which seems to give a lot less headache than coding would. Other than that, good luck. You are still way ahead of me in that you can still code!