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Zach Gavin DelacroixZach Gavin Delacroix 

Pass Value from Child page to the Parent page


I'd like some idea on how to pass the Value from one page (child) to another (parent).

I have main page which contains 1 text field (or could be lookup field) and a button that will call my 2nd page.
The Main page look something like below.

User-added image
Then that button will call the second page which looks like this one.
User-added image
What I want is that when I click one of these values, Either contact or contact roles, the value will be passed to the input field that I have in the Main Page.

Basiclly, the story is that I would like to create a custom lookup field that will allow me to select the Contact and the Contact Roles in the Account. The standard lookup contact does not allow me to look on the Contact Roles so this is what I thought a solution.

I hope you can help me guys :)

Thanks a lot!

Use Same Controller for all Pages.

See following: