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Dan HewDan Hew 

cannot edit lightning home page for trailhead module: Building a Custom Home Page for Lightning Experience

Please advise.

I cannot edit my Lightning Experience homepage to complete the following module:


Building a Custom Home Page for Lightning Experience


I cannot edit the page and creating a new app does not give me the choice of creating a new home page.

Manuel CasasManuel Casas
Hi Dan!

I think "Building a Custom Home Page for Lightning Experience" is a new functionality included in summer 2016 release. You could see that in the new trailhead "Prepare for Salesforce Releases".


If you have some sandbox (this release is enabled in sandboxes), you would pass this challenge.

Suzi Simmons 30Suzi Simmons 30
I am in Summer 17 and cannot see a home page, cannot edit the profile to add the home page, and I'm afraid to add a custom home page because I will damage this trailhead account and have to start a new one (again).