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User Provisioning Flows for Connected Apps

I'm trying to implement salesforce as IDP and Google or PHP web application as SP. Which requires Connected APP to be created in the IDP side. I created that one as well but when I Enable the "User Provisioning" in connected app it has some steps for the configuration in the User Provisioning Wizard. As soon as I open the Wizard it requires the User Provisioning Flow for connected Apps. I want to create it but there is not so much of information available in salesforce knowledge articles. Can you please help me in getting the understanding of it.   According to the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCgy9ywYzuY    Vikas Jain explains the configuration but he also mentioned that there should be packages on the app exchange for the flow Creation. But I cannot see any packages related to it on the appExchange.  I really want to know the steps to create the User Provisioning Flow for Connected apps or the Apex Class Parameters for it.
Douglas C. AyersDouglas C. Ayers
Any luck? I'm also confused about where these pre-built User Provisioning Flows are that were advertised. They are very good at hiding!