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kiran punurukiran punuru 

need help with my validation rule on opportunity split

Hi ,
I have created one validation rule on opportunity split object where iam restricting the users to add split percent other than 50 ,25,75.

My validation rule is like this:
 IF(SplitPercent != 0.5 || SplitPercent != 0.25 || SplitPercent != 0.75,1,0   )

But even if iam adding 50 in split percent it is giving the error .Can anyone advise on this.

Veenesh VikramVeenesh Vikram
Hi Kiran,

Replace OR(||) with AND(&&) and you will be through.
AND(SplitPercent != 0.5, SplitPercent != 0.25, SplitPercent != 0.75, SplitPercent !=1,SplitPercent !=0   )

Kindly mark as solved if this helps!

Best Regards