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Prateek Chauhan3Prateek Chauhan3 

How to Pre-populate Field values on Standard Edit page in Salesforce1

Hi All,

I have a scenario where on object recordtype selection page, I am redirecting to standard edit page  and pre-populating some field values based on some criteria using custom logic(using a bypass visualforce page). Functionaltiy is working fine for desktop.
When i am trying to implement the same scenario in Salesforce1, custom logic is not working.
Its an urgent client environment issue and quick help will be appriciated.
Uvais KomathUvais Komath

Seems like the issue has been discussed over here :


Prateek Chauhan3Prateek Chauhan3
Hi Uvais,

Thanks for your reply. I have gone through with this link earlier but it's for custom vf page. but i have overide standard New button on record selection page using page reference and page reference is not working for SF1. Please let me know if you ever came accross this type of scenario. If you are having any example that would be great help.
Uvais KomathUvais Komath

use sforce.one.navigatetoURL method