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Wolfgang FernandesWolfgang Fernandes 

Component event calls.

Hi everyone, 

Can anyone tell if there is any way to use onchange events in a call on my component in Visualforce?
<apex:pageBlockSectionItem id="drvId">                    
                    <apex:outputLabel value="{!$Label.TPM_CreateCambioPrecio_Field_CambioPrecioDRV}" />
                    <c:TPM_MultiSelectPicklist id="picklistId" size="7" disableList="{! disableMultiPickListDRV }" width="200px" showUpDownButtons="false" leftLabel="{! $Label.TPM_CreateCambioPrecio_multi_disponible }" arrayLeftOptions="{! listL_DRV }" rightLabel="{! $Label.TPM_CreateCambioPrecio_multi_elegido }" arrayRightOptions="{! listR_DRV }"   >
                    	<apex:actionSupport id="idChangeUEN" event="onchange" action="{! carregaUEN }" reRender="uenId, zonaPreciosId"/>


PS: I cannot call the method of my controller using actionsupport ? Not working :x