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Edward EastEdward East 

Create custom button to bulk-add person accounts to custom object

Hi there, currently struggling with this slight problem:

I have created a custom object called "List", with a child custom object nested within that called "Person Accounts" (the name field is set to be an auto number on that one). Other than the master-detail relationship it has to "List" it also has a master detail relationship to Accounts (with a filter to limit it to person accounts only), enabling me to add person accounts to specific lists.
I now want to create a custom button that should sit on the account view that enables me o bulk add several people to a list of my choosing. Is that possible? 
Shailendra Singh ParmarShailendra Singh Parmar
I think, you need to build custom UI to pick multple records and need junction object to store that mapping.  See thread https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000gq70AAA 
Edward EastEdward East
Ideally whaty I'd like to do is select the accounts I want on the list view, click on a custom "Add to List" button and then pick the corresponding list through a look-up.