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Samuel JohnsonCBESamuel JohnsonCBE 

add 30 days to formula

I have a formula that I am using in a visualforce page.  I was able to finally able to get it to only show the date instead of the date time even though I was using just a date field.  Now I need to add 30 days to it.  here is my formula
{!  TEXT ( Month ( DATEVALUE (account.Archieved_Date__c ))) &"/"&  TEXT( DAY(DATEVALUE( account.Archieved_Date__c+30  ))) &"/"& TEXT(YEAR(DATEVALUE( account.Archieved_Date__c)))  }

I also tried it like this...
{!  (TEXT ( Month ( DATEVALUE (account.Archieved_Date__c ))) &"/"&  TEXT( DAY(DATEVALUE( account.Archieved_Date__c  ))) &"/"& TEXT(YEAR(DATEVALUE( account.Archieved_Date__c)))  + 30) }
Martijn SchwarzerMartijn Schwarzer
Hi Samuel,

Please take a look at the following article. It explains exactly what you are trying to do:


Good luck and happy coding!

Best regards,
Martijn Schwärzer

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santanu boralsantanu boral
You can simply use: account.Archieved_Date__c + 30

By the way, date format can be seen based on locale