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Kristen Roberts 20Kristen Roberts 20 

Account Team - Lightning - insufficient access rights on cross-reference id

When trying to add or edit an account team in lightning my users are getting an error " insufficient access rights on cross-reference id ".  If they switch to the classic view they are able to add and edit account team members.  Is anyone else having this issue? 
Tommy WoodhouseTommy Woodhouse
Experiencing this aswell not sure on the fix for it though
Kristen Roberts 20Kristen Roberts 20
Hi Tommy,

Salesforce Tier 3 support is looking into this for me.  When they provide an update, I will post it here.
Tommy WoodhouseTommy Woodhouse
Do you know if this is listed on the known issues site ? 
Andrew RennieAndrew Rennie
Also experiencing this, can't figure it out for the life of me.
I think all the features are not lightning ready as of now. Some or the other places you might still get some errors. But curious to know if you could get a response from Salesforce Support .
Dev BoorlaDev Boorla
little late but per this (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=accountteam_add.htm&type=5) article, you cannot add or edit in lightning. Only changes to Team roles are permitted.