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Ashwini B 9Ashwini B 9 

Need Guidance


I have around 8 years of experience in Siebel Development. I am interested to move to SFDC and have started SFDC training. I need to know what all certifications are required to pursue career as a SFDC Business Analyst or Designer. All suggestions/advices are welcome.

santanu boralsantanu boral
If you pass Admin, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, that will be good start.Thanks.
Shukla YogeshShukla Yogesh

Hi Ashwini,

Congrats on making good decision to move into Salesforce! I have faced same issue as I started my career in Siebel but now I have leant salesforce and able to work and clear interviews easily. 

First try to understand security model and declarative features and then UI development and Visualforce. You can easily learn things in couple of months.

Please let me know if any help needed.



Ashwini B 9Ashwini B 9
@Yogesh, thanks for your reply. My question was very specific to start career in SFDC as 'Business Analyst'. I want to know , to work as a Business analyst which certifications are good to have.? Just the Admin will suffice or also require Developer certification?