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Customer goal tracking app

Hello everybody,

I am creating a app which needs to track how a person is progressing towards their goal over time, for this we use a rating out of 5. We will need to be able to give a rating out of 5 for each goal once a week, starting from the date the goal is created through until the due date. This means each goal may have a different number of ratings in total and I need to track customers using standard Accounts and contacts. Each contact may have multiple goals  and each goal has a name, description, category(career, financial, personal, social, health, etc. ) and target date to achieve the goal by and I need to show progress for a various goals for a contact. 

Any idea on how to give weekly rating on a custom field and disable it once the rating is given for the week and also how to incorporate that into chart.
santanu boralsantanu boral
First of all, you can put your approach what you have taken for it. Are you using standard out-of-box way or using visualforce.

You can create separate recordtype which you can assign after rating where in that page layout you can make that field as readonly. That recordtype update you can do through Workflow field update.

To incorporate that in chart, refer this: https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=reports_embed_showcharts_pages.htm&language=en_US

Let me know, if it helps. If so, then mark this answer.