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Salesforce Developer: What do I do?

Hi, this is my first post on board and I ask your help (please sorry for my english).

I am French and I am 26 years old. Last March I took BSc in Computer Engineering in Paris and after few months I started an internship in one of the most important and international Consulting Company.

It took me for Salesforce team and, after a month, in June I took my first Salesforce Certification: Salesforce Platform Developer I.

I didn't know Salesforce before this job but now I love it! I love Apex code. I love to code on I love Salesforce World and all it is around and I want improve my skills about Salesforce and I want put my future on this technology.......but there is a problem! 

Now I am not developing new code in but I am only taking hands on bug fixing, on code that other people in other country have devoloped.

I asked my boss if this situation is normal, if it is only for a period and if in the future I will develop code ex-novo but his answer was: "We are a Consultant Company, so we don't develop nothing but we only do a little change on code that other people in other countries as India and Morocco have develop. The our target is to find the customer requests".

I am very demoralized because this isn't the job that I hope for my future. 
I hoped to develop as I develloped during university so I want reason about code, which solution is best, for example, if the map collection is best than list collection etc.

In my team there are people from different degree, math, economy, computer science etc, but it isn't important if you know Java, Apex, Visualforce and other languages very well, the important is to do the correct change at code and stop!

For example, I didn't study JavaScript but now I change JavaScript code without know what and why I am doing it! 
I want study JavaScript, SOAP, REST etc to will take Salesforce Platform Developer II but I want know why I am doing this change at code and not because the important is that now the code is ok for the customer.

Maybe I don't want to understand that the world of consulting is this and it isn't as at University where the most important thing was to understand and to choose the best solution knowing all possibile ways.

This is my first job and I don't know if this is only a case or the job world is this. 
I want to develope on and I don't want job in this way. I am ready to study new languages, new Salesforce solutions, to travel in other country but the important is to find a job as developer job to improve my knowledge about this world.

Is it possible? Is possibile to develop in European countries? 

So, thanks a lot for your time and I will wait your replies.
Hi ,

First of all , I want to congratulate you that you have been introduced to the Salesforce World ,
salesforce is really emerging and innovative technology and if you love computer science and you love dwelling into technologies/coding ,
you will love , its people ,its culture , its progression.

And second its really encouraging and impressive that you have asked these questions to the forum
because most of the people have these question in early in their life but most of us keeps these questions to themselves rather than asking.

Now your question ,

Every job in our life gives something to learn , something to explore , in Universities you work on your own Idea ,you write your own code and build the applications ,
but in real life applications are really huge that it takes years for teams to build those applications , and that is called collaborative work , where you might have to work on
others application and others code .

most of the time in real life job you will be working on to maintain existing features or adding new features to it , any job that you do in your professional life consider as a opportunity to learn .
try to learn your project/application not just simply fix it but learn how the system is build and try to make it better than before by enforcing best practices .
apex coding patterns and in other areas , always writing new code new feature will not give you those opportunity where you will learn how application
behaves in real life and what causes them to have bug or failure.

you might hate the process in present time but you will cherish all the learning you did through this project in future .

Hope It Helps !!

Thanks ,
Thanks a lot sfo.vishal, 

your answer is very important for me.

I have another question, please.

Now I have Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification and I don't know if I must study for Salesforce Platform Developer II Certification or I must learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery etc, so languages that are used to develop on

I would take the second Certification to complete the developer path and to have a complete view of and after I would to learn other language as Javascript etc to improve my knowleage.

Is correct this path or is best to learn before other language and then take the second Certification?

Thanks at all!

samyuktha reddy etikayalasamyuktha reddy etikayala

Firstly Congrats to you. You're on the path of Salesforce now, its good hear, you're done with most valuable Certification PD1, Hope planning for PD2.
Now Pattern has been changed, where you need to finish 4 Super badges on trailhead i.e,
1. Apex Specialist
2.Advance Apex Specialist
3.Data Integration Specialist.
4.Lightning component Framework Specialist.
After doing these badges, you can go with multiple choice question which is of 60, you need to complete as like PD1 Exam.
Differently, it is required to have JS knowledge before taking this exam ahead...
Wish you good luck for the Certification.
Thanks and regards,