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George VazquezGeorge Vazquez 

Issue with user able to Approve his own Approval Submissions?

Hi guys,
I am having an issue that I cannot seem to figure out. I've created a simple process approval where user A submits a custom object Form to user B. The issue is that user A has the ability to Accept/Reject his own submission which doesnt quite make sense. In the Approval Process, I have ensured that only his "Manager" which is User B (lets say his boss) can approve the decision. However, this guy is still able to approve/reject his own submission. Does anyone know where this is controlled?? I have also checked User A's profile and made sure he does not even get notifications or anything related about his approval submissions. Any advice would be very helpful.
Check the object level permission for User A's profile. I think User A has Modify All permission enabled on this custom object.