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Mukesh Kumar 107Mukesh Kumar 107 

Unable to pass the challenge ‘Extending Reports Using the AppExchange’

Unable to pass the challenge ‘Extending Reports Using the AppExchange’.

I’m able to complete entire challenge on this module, but when I submit the chellenge it gives me following error message: I know and I can see that my Pie Chart Wedges are name ‘Lead Source’ but I still get this error. What could be the issue? Is there anything else I can verify?

The 'LEAD Trend by Source' dashboard component does not have the wedges set to 'Lead Source'.
sandhya reddy 10sandhya reddy 10
Hi Mukesh,

I have screen shots below just verify if u have done same thing.

In the First screen shot you see piechart there u have tool symbol,if you click on that you will be able to change wedges.

User-added imageUser-added image

Please let us know if this helps you.

Thanks and Regards