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Need to implement SSO between 2 ORG's communities?

Hi Friends,

I have two Dev org i.e ORG-A and ORG-B, both Org have their own community i.e ORG-A have community-a and ORG-B have community-b, now i need to implement SSO b/w these 2 communities uers. 

How can we achive this, Is it possible?
Thanks in advance for your help/trick and precious time.

Ajay Nagar 7Ajay Nagar 7

Try using these Tutorial :

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Hi Ajay,

Thanks for your quick reply, last weekend i implement it, i used connected app and auth provider (because i need to implement it using them only) to implement SSO among 2 salesforce ORG's community users. 

I am getting this error:

Any idea why i am gettting this error? Where i am doing mistake?

FYI, As per my searching/research, we can do SSO (using connected app and auth provider) between salesforce and portal user or salesforce and community user. SSO (using connected app and auth provider) among 2 salesforce ORG's community users  OR  among 2 salesforce ORG's portal users  OR  among Community and portal users is not possible.