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Trigger to Update Count on Lead Record

I have created a custom task trigger to update Custom number field on Task Object which counts number of time a task has been created for a lead record with the task record type. This is working fine. Now i want to add standard status field to Update a custom text field on the lead record with the last updated status with the same record type. I am stumped i cannot figure how to do it ! Need some help
The Task trigger is below:

trigger TaskUpdateLead on Task (after delete, after insert, after undelete, after update) {

Set<ID> LeadIds = new Set<ID>();

//We only care about tasks linked to Leads.

String leadPrefix = Lead.SObjectType.getDescribe().getKeyPrefix();

//Add any Lead ids coming from the new data

    for (Task t : Trigger.new) {
     if (t.WhoId!= null && string.valueof(t.WhoId).startsWith(leadPrefix) ) {

//adding unique lead ids since there can be many tasks with single lead

//Also add any Lead ids coming from the old data (deletes, moving an activity from one Lead to another)

    for (Task t2 : Trigger.old) {
     if (t2.WhoId!= null && string.valueof(t2.WhoId).startsWith(leadPrefix) )
//adding unique lead ids since there can be many tasks with single lead

     if (LeadIds.size() > 0){

List<Lead> leadsWithTasks = [select id,Dialler_Status__c,Dialler_Count__c,(select id from Tasks where recordtype.name LIKE '%Dialler%') from Lead where Id IN : Leadids];

List<Lead> leadsUpdatable = new List<Lead>();

for(Lead L : leadsWithTasks){

L.Dialler_Count__c = L.Tasks.size();



update leadsUpdatable;
//update all the leads with dialler count



santanu boralsantanu boral
Please explain what is the type of issue you are facing. Thanks