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Russell baker 1Russell baker 1 

Calculate Last task and Last Event age on Opportunity page

 I have an issue. I have last activity age by using (Today()-Lastactivityage) to calculate last activity age. But I want to segregate it as last task age and last Event age. I have two custom field on opportunity last task age and last event age. I want age of last task when it was done or upcoming. same with event
How can I get these to age in opportunity. Please help!
Marcilio SouzaMarcilio Souza

I don't know if i understand your question well, but a think you want to update the field 'age of last task' when the last event ocorred in the opportunity?

A event would be a update in the opportunity? If yes, you could develop a trigger to update the field.

Russell baker 1Russell baker 1
Thank for your reply. But I want Last task age menas when was the last task happen in opportunity and last event age which calculate when was last event happen. it similer to show last activity age but i want to segrage it into task and event.