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Gabrielle OliveraGabrielle Olivera 

Why won't Trailhead allow me to check work on my custom domain?

I am going through the Trailhead training on Lightning Components and I created a custom domain per the instructions to do the training in. When I attempted the first challenge, I logged into Developer Edition and created the Camping Item object with custom fields exactly like the instructions indicated but I get an error saying I did not create Camping_Item__c. While troubleshooting, I noticed if I hit "Launch Developer Edition" it launches the na30.salesforce.com site, even when I disconnect and re-connect using my custom domain it continues to do this. Why can't I connect trailhead to my custom domain?
Marcilio SouzaMarcilio Souza
Hi you have to log with you domain in traihead and URL is something like this: your-name-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com

Did you receive the e-mail notification that your domain has been created?
Gabrielle OliveraGabrielle Olivera
I did login trailhead with the domain URL. I'm using the following domain: secondhandgabi-dev-ed.mysalesforce.com My domain has been created (I received the confirmation e-mail) and I was able to set up the object once I logged into the domain, but I can't seem to get the trailhead to verify that the object was set up.
Gabrielle OliveraGabrielle Olivera
I figured it out. I had a typo in one of my fields. I should have tripple-checked that before posting. Sorry. "The Launch Developer Edition" button is broken (it still logs me into the general domain area rather than my custom domain), but if I log-in to my custom domain and do the work the Trailhead is validating it correctly.