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Ashish BiswasAshish Biswas 

Uploading CSV data from FTP server into SFDC

I have a scenario, where, I will connect with a FTP server from sfdc and read a csv file, the update/insert a salesforce object with csv data.
This action will perforn hourly basis. I can not use Dataloader as for that I have to install dataloader in to FTP server (I dont have permission to do so).

Can any one help me withe workarround.

I do not know, if I can use external object or odata connection for this or if there are any connector with will be installed in the org and can be scheduled

Thanks in advance
Suraj SinghSuraj Singh
You can use informatica tools https://www.informatica.com/in/ for this purpose.
To upload a CSV file from Salesforce to FTP on the hourly basis take a look at Skyvia (https://skyvia.com/data-integration/integrate-salesforce-ftp). It`s a cloud-based solution which allows you easily set up import in simple GUI and with flexible scheduling features.