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Hrishi JavkarHrishi Javkar 

LoginAPI for Android App


I've searched a lot in the forums and I cannot seem to find a solution to my problem.

What I am looking for is :

I have a native login page for my Android App. I want to allow my users to login to my Android App using their SalesForce username and password. I dont want to exchange any data from SalesForce to my App, but simply just allow them to acces my app if they have a valid SalesForce ID.

How can i achieve this ?


Hrishi JavkarHrishi Javkar
I think what I am looking for can be achieved thorugh the SOAP API.
The below link provides a sample code. However, i'm not able to import the MobileSDK into Eclipse IDE since it is a gradle build. Also, I want to integrate SalesForce in an existing application in Eclipse.

Any solution ?