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ankur khattriankur khattri 

knowledge tab not visible in communities

shiva pendemshiva pendem
HI ankur,

1) Go and check in Communities--> Admin--> Tabs--> Add the Knowledge tab or Article tab to selected Tabs----> Save
2) Check for the permission to Knowledge or Article tab in Community Profile.

Hope this will helps you

ankur khattriankur khattri
thanks shiva but still not able to see knowledge tab in napili community in navigational menu(salesforce object).
Shane PugmireShane Pugmire
Hi Ankur, I am also having this same problem. It seems like the Knowledge tab is unavailable in Napili. Were you able to resolve this issue?
ankur khattriankur khattri
Hi Shane, No i am not able to crack anything about this knowledge tab.Still working will reply you asap.
Will BoyceWill Boyce
Hello.  Did anyone solve this for the Napili templete?  I need to show Knowledge tab or Article Management tab in the Napili community templete.  Thanks!  I hope someone  has this figured out!