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Aleisha Harris 19Aleisha Harris 19 

Reports and Dashboards Superbadge: Contacts Without Hobbies report

I am stuck on the R&D superbadge.  I have tried several different things on my contacts without hobbies report and keep getting a report configured incorrectly message.  Here are some screen shots of my report, formula and bucket field.  Please let me know what I am missing.
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User-added image
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Michele Losch 4Michele Losch 4
Try this formula for % Open Opps: Account.Open_Opp_Value__c:SUM / Account.Total_Opp_Value__c:SUM
Seth Snitzer 22Seth Snitzer 22
I'm having this same issue  - I can't get past the "Contacts Without Hobbies" report to pass. My report looks identical to above, my formula is slightly different but end results are the same... has anyone else had success. I'm at a loss for whats going wrong? 

IF(Account.Open_Opp_Value__c:SUM > 0, 
  Account.Open_Opp_Value__c:SUM/(Account.Open_Opp_Value__c:SUM+Account.Total_Opp_Value__c:SUM), 0)
Gillian OConnorGillian OConnor
Hi Seth Snitzer 22 - just wondering if you managed to pass this Superbadge ? I've read through many threads on this badge but most are dated 2016, your comment in the most recent I can find so just wondered if you'd passed and can pass on any pointers ?