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mohan s 37mohan s 37 

How to send mass email using apex with emailTemplate

public class MassEmail{
public void show(){
EmailTemplate et=[select id from EmailTemplate where name ='approve loan'];
Messaging.MassEmailMessage email1=new Messaging.MassEmailMessage();
Contact c =[select id,email from Contact limit 60];
List<id>whoids=new List<id>{};
Messaging.Email[] em=new Messaging.Email[]{email1};
This is my code.My intension is to send email to list of contacts.i am getting list of  emails from contacts.While executing the above code i was get issue like "System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject". Can any one find what mistake i have done. 
nikita dhamalnikita dhamal
Hi mohan,
                  check if your who ids has ids in it..
                   The exception is because of you are not getting any record in your list
Dhriti Moulick 16Dhriti Moulick 16
EmailTemplate et=[select id from EmailTemplate where name ='approve loan'];

There are two concern:

1.Please re check the name ='approve loan' from email template which you are using in Query.If Name mis matches you will get the above error.

2.Re write your query as follows:
EmailTemplate et=[select id from EmailTemplate where DeveloperName ='approve_loan'];

DeveloperName is the API name for the particular email tmeplate you want to fetch.Because in near future you might change the name of the Email Template ,that time your Query wont work,but your DeveloperName,i.e. API Name remains same.

Please let me know you have any concern.
jay saijay sai

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