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Profile based Field Accessibility Restrictions

I want to Prevent sales users (profile: Sales Rep) from modifying the 'Discount' field in opportunity record when the 'Sales Stage' has reached Negotiation/Review. But I would like sales managers (profile: Sales Mgr) to be able to edit the opportuntiy for any changes.

I believe it is possible through Validation Rule on Opportunity object but not able to come up with the right formula. Please let me help structure the VR.
Also can I achieve this using Field Level Security or Workflow rule ??
You can do this using validations or workflows. A simple validation would be something like this:
Error Condition Formula: AND( $Profile.Name = "Sales Rep" , ISPICKVAL (Sales Stage, 'Negotiation/Review'), ISCHANGED(Discount__c))
Error message: ---something--
Hope it helps!
Deepak RathinaveluDeepak Rathinavelu
Hi Shanka,

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