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Spencer BerkinshawSpencer Berkinshaw 

Change Date/Time field from mm/dd/yyyy 00:00 xx to Monday, January 1, 1900 12:00 PM

This field is a meeting time, Date/Time type: ideally I would like it to say Monday, January 1st at 12:00 PM but not sure if that's possible with the added "th" and "at" text. If that is not possible, help with the formula for the below example would be great.

Example: The field currently says 7/7/2016 3:00 PM. I want it to say Thursday, July 7, 2016 3:00 PM

Let me know if there is any questions I can answer to help this process. I'm new to the formula part of Salesforce so a thorogh explaination on how to set this up is greatly appretiated.
Deepak RathinaveluDeepak Rathinavelu
Hi Spencer,

Try this
CASE( MOD( DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) - DATE( 1900, 1, 7 ), 7 ), 0, "Sunday", 1, "Monday", 2, "Tuesday", 3, "Wednesday", 4, "Thursday", 5, "Friday", "Saturday" )&", "&CASE( MONTH( DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) ), 1, "January", 2, "February", 3, "March", 4, "April", 5, "May", 6, "June", 7, "July", 8, "August", 9, "September", 10, "October", 11, "November", "December" )&" "&TEXT(DAY(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)))& CASE(MOD(DAY(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)),10),1,"st",2,"nd",3,"rd","th")&",  "&TEXT(YEAR(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)))&" at "&IF(VALUE(MID(TEXT(CreatedDate),12,2))>11,TEXT(VALUE(MID(TEXT(CreatedDate),12,2))-12)&MID(TEXT(CreatedDate),14,3)&" PM",MID(TEXT(CreatedDate),12,5)&" AM")

Hope it helps.

Deepak Rathinavelu
santoshkumar moturusantoshkumar moturu
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